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총괄적인 내용은 학교 입학안내(http://admission.cau.ac.kr/)를 참고하세요 ~*






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Attendant, who exerted pressure, internal pressure shroud Chenxi Youxiang a foot, appeared to be burned at the feet of real Purple , colorful live longer afraid to speak, put all the mind are placed in "parade" imperial guard on top. Xuexuan Feng cold smile: "The road length, is now known to be trampled 時計 ブランド ランキング in the face of the feeling, right? Is not very angry? Is not very angry? I tell you, this is not enough! "He paused, continued:" Sixteen years ago, you mobbing demons hole, causing the tragic death of my wife, this account I will make you double repayment, today just a little bit, just a beginning, the beginning of a massacre , a ritual begins. Starting today, I want to slowly kill all ye hypocrites mouthful of virtue and morality, メンズ財布ブランド to comfort my wife had passed away! "Colorful mouth rebuttal to want to live, but you are afraid to vent the atmosphere, shields collapse, just staring at him fiercely. Purple live laboriously looked up, looked at the outside of the circle Xuexuan Feng, reluctantly said:" Could it for your メンズ時計ブランド donor My wife was violated Purple peaks? "Xue Xuanfeng coldly:" Without this, I would rather die of old age Xuexuan Feng mountains, do not want to have anything to do with you, we would have is each repair the road, interfere with each other. May be different now, I am with you Vendetta implacable, do not kill gucci アウトレット you, puzzling me my hate! "Purple live sigh and said:" What sin ah! Retribution when the! Sixteen years ago Masamichi rallies, I had best to prevent them Mo Health arms, but why no one listened, now stuffed under this bitter cup, can be considered retribution unhappy! "Xuexuan Feng Leng Heng:" The road takes a long time made this sense is not too late to do? My wife would survive it? Can you? "Purple Road, what I fear, even die グッチ 長財布 here today, what Unfortunately, I have actually done that, so that I can meet as soon as possible and the moon children! "Purple reality:" The donor's own hatred of the heart, can be a donor thought not, because of your hatred, how many innocent people being rolled into the セイコー ルキア disaster, many people have nothing to do with you, but died here ! "Xue Xuanfeng angrily:" I Did Guan Dele so much, you are the pivotal Rory rebuff, Sok "sex" first kill you to say! "He finished, a group gathered dark palm, raising his hand will split to go. Suddenly, a loud shout came:" Stop!
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